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So first, you have to know that english is not my native language. I'm french (no I don't eat snails, I don't drink wine and I'm not from Paris) and as you may have guessed, I love reading. 
It's so good to travel in a fictional world and fall in love with its characters. Hating characters is not so bad either (*cough* Jeoffrey Baratheon *cough*). 
I started blogging because I used to feel frustrated when I had no one to talk to after reading a great book. And now, thanks to my blog and most importantly, all of you, I can. I didn't know the book community was that great. It was daunting at first to get out of my shell to start talking to people but once I did, everything changed. I've met awesome people and I hope everyone can have this chance. 

Let's move on to my favourite books of all time ! I reckon it's easier to know someone based on their favourite books so here are mine : 

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A Song of Ice and Fire is my favourite serie ever ! I can't wait for The Winds of Winter to come out but at the same time I hope it won't be released during the school season for obvious reasons.  I want to graduate eventually after all.

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But I Love Him or the book that influenced me the most. I love how books can change your perspective of things and this one did perfectly the job. I loved it and it's one of the few books I like to reread.

Of course, I have more favourites but these two are the ones I immediately thought of. If you want to see the whole list, you can check out my Goodreads profile.
Anyway, I hope you'll have a good time on this blog. I try to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but you can follow me on Bloglovin' to be sure not to miss anything.

Happy Reading !

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