1 déc. 2016

November Favorites | What I've Been Up To

 Hello everyone ! I know I haven't posted a lot of stuff this month and I decided to explain why before jumping to my favorites of the month.

My blogging and reading mojo were on point during the first weeks of November. I had a lot of ideas, I was reading a lot, everything was perfect... Until my mid-term exams. I knew they were coming. I studied a lot so I was ready for what was coming. I was like a warrior before a war : I had Batman's focus before fighting the Joker, I had Link's courage when he decided to save Zelda, I was pumped for those tests !
And then, when I was putting the tests' dates on my planner, I realized I had 4 tests during the same week and then 2 others the next. It's needless to say I didn't even remember who were Batman and Link anymore. 
Those tests got me in an "everything slump". I didn't want to read, I didn't want to blog, I didn't want to do anything fun. After passing those, I've had a lot of bad news and my "everything slump" got worse. I decided to take a break from blogging and pretty much everything else. However, there's no need to worry ! I'm better now and I'm ready to blog again. I can't promise I'm going to post regularly because my finals are coming but I promise I'll do my best.

1. How To Get Away With Murder

I spent a lot of time in front of TV and  I was surprised to see one of my favorite show, How To Get Away With Murder, on the screen. Just like every other show, the french voices are... Ugh. Oh and they changed to title to "Murder" because that's all we, french people, can handle. 
For those who want to see what the french voices are like :


Anyway, I've been binge-watching the last season and oh my gosh, I didn't expect what happened in the 9th episode. My favorites are Connor and Asher, I could talk for hours about Connor, I love how sensitive he is. And if you've watched the season 3, I think you feel the same way I do about his couple. I have mixed feelings. They complete each other but with what happened... That's hard and I can't wait to see how it's going to turn out.

2. GGBO's French Version

I rarely say this but for this one I prefer the french version. The first reason is I don't understand everything they say (the british accent is hard to understand guys) and the second is that the dynamic in the french version is better in my opinion. I love the themes they picked, my favorite being the Halloween one. The cakes looked so disgusting I don't think I could have eaten them, it was awesome though !

That's the only favorites I have for November. It feels weird to blog again but I'm glad I did it. I hope I'll have time to post more often.

Tell me what your favorites are this month !

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