2 août 2017

10 Bookish Confessions

Hello guys !

I have some confessions to make *overdramatic music* ... I am not the bookworm you think I am *runs in a dark forest*.

  1. I don't like rainbow bookshelves. 
  1. I rarely read reviews for books I haven't read. The rare ones I read are the one written by people who have the same tastes as me or on the contrary who have completely opposite tastes.

  2. Sometimes, I read out loud to work on my accent. I'm not saying I have the best accent now but I've improved a lot since I started doing it. I can't do it too much because my jaw aches after some time though (you english speakers with your steeled jaws can't understand).
  1. 60% of the time, I pronounce characters' names wrong. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to call Rhysand « Raysand », right ? I nail french names though *pats myself on the back*.

  2. I read the acknowledgement section just to see if authors I know are mentioned.

  3. I mostly read at night, a terrible habit I know.

  4. I realized I was getting older when I started thinking of YA characters as kids. Can't help it, they're usually sixteen or seventeen, can you imagine that ? At sixteen I was nowhere near saving anyone, let alone the entire world (to be fair, I still can't do any of those things).
  1. I don' t know if that counts as a confession but 95% of the french characters I've read can't actually speak french. Okay I'm a bit harsh, sometimes they can but there are almost always some mistakes. I always wonder if I should mention it in my reviews but I usually don't.
  1. When I read a mutliple pov book I tend to skip a chapter and then go back to it after reading the pov I want to read. It's not my fault if authors like ending their chapters with cliffhangers !

  2. I cry easily. If some characters are reunited, if they're sad, if I find a scene beautiful (Chaol's birthday in CoM, anyone?) and of course if a character dies.

Can you relate to some of them ? Because if you don't I'll stay in my forest forever … And I don't want do to that.

Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.

6 commentaires:

  1. Rainbow shelves are so pretty, but so impractical. If I had a lot of books, I could never stand to organize them that way because I like to keep series together! I also do a lot of reading at night. I focus better at night in bed! And ha, I *want* to do your #9 thing sometimes, but I always manage to stop myself :-P

    1. Me too ! Series need to be together, it's the whole point haha and they're so beautiful when they're next to each other.
      Reading at night is so peaceful, I love reading in a very quiet environment.
      You have more will power than me haha

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who reads the Acknowledgments, I've gotten to the point where I read them first now just to see what the author has to say. :) And I do like rainbow shelves to a point, but I like seeing others' shelves that way, not mine so much!

    That's interesting about the French characters! Great list!!

    1. Ooooh that's risky ! What if they talk about a particular scene in the book ? I'm way too paranoid about spoilers to do that lol

      Thank you !

  3. Yay I'm not the only one who dislikes rainbow bookshelves! How do people ever find what they're looking for when they organize their shelves that way?? Yeah, I rarely read reviews for books I haven't read, especially if I plan on reading them. When there's a really bad review though I love reading them when they're one stars.

    1. I know ! It's so confusing.
      Oh me too ! When a book is overhyped I don't really want to read it but when everyone dislikes it, I get intrigued.