2 sept. 2017

Game of Thrones S7 | Part 2 : The South

Hello everyone ! 

Just like for the part 1, you need to know that :
1. There are LOTS of spoilers ahead.
2. If a quote isn't in a blockquote or in italic, it's just me paraphrasing the characters.

Let's go !


I don't even know where to start with her. She lost all of her precious children to become the Queen again. She finally has the power she wanted for so long but Dany's coming for her and she has to face this new threat one way or another. Oh and people don't respect her. That's pretty bad.
Here I am with a thousand ships and two good hands. - Euron Greyjoy
Her fight with Dany is not balanced (who can compete with three dragons?) but she holds her ground. She even has an anti-dragon weapon now. I'm wondering if they'll modify it with dragonglass to kill Viserion. Probably not since she won't help.

She's compared to Tywin and I think it's right. She's changed a lot. She makes smart decisions... Mostly. I don't think making her relationship with Jaime public was a good idea but at the same time I don't think anyone would care at this point. Everyone knows about them anyway.

I really liked the looks she gives Tyrion and Brienne during the meeting. It's so murderous and full of judgement. She seems convinced that this is all a joke and that no one is really in danger.
Lord Tyrion tells me a million people live in this city. They're about to become a million more soldiers in the army of the dead.
- I imagine for most of them it would be an improvement.

Jon and Cersei.
I have to admit... I laughed when she said that. Come on, you can't say it's not funny ! Okay, I'm a terrible person, let's move on. She finally sees the wight – and seems freaked out about it – but even then she seems convinced that she'll live either way which I don't really understand.
If the dead win, they march south and kill us all.
If the living win, and we've betrayed them, they march south and kill us all.
- Most of them will die.

Jaime and Cersei.
I think she doesn't understand that people dying means more wights. Maybe she didn't really listen to Jon. Or maybe she has a secret lair and doesn't care about the rest.


I've always thought there would be only two ways for Jaime be independent.

1) Realizing that Cersei didn't love him. At least not how he does.

Jaime loves her so much. If they weren't siblings I think they'd be one of my OTPs.
The things I do for love. - Jaime
He says this sentence multiple times (the first time being just before pushing Bran). Jaime has always been motivated by love. He gave up Casterly Rock, his children, his chance of ever finding a good wife just because he loved her. He tried to kill Bran, a seven year old boy for her. He's never been with anyone else.
That's maybe why I can't help but like him but at the same time he seems a little passive because of it.
He's in love with her and doesn't care much about the rest.
She'll be the end of you.
- Possibly.

Olenna and Jaime.
2) Making the same choice he made with Dany's father : His ruler or his people.

When Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor in the last season, I had a feeling history was going to repeat itself. After seeing the wight, it's clear that Jaime believes Jon and Dany. He understands and knows they're right but at the same time he's loyal to Cersei.
I think Brienne was the game changer. When she met him she judged him for killing his King. After telling her his story, we see (in the show at least, I don't remember how it happened in the books) that she's really thinking about it and stopped calling him Kingslayer after that.
He also got to know her and I think she inspired him to become a better person. He lost his hand for her. They have a very special relationship (yes I ship them, sorry Tormund but they'd be so good together).
So when she, a person he respects, tells him to give up on his loyalty to help them, he listened. I loved the look on Jaime's face when she told him that, by the way.


I expected so much from him. I didn't understand his decision of taking Casterly Rock. At first, I thought it was a good plan but after thinking about it I realized it didn't make any sense. Casterly Rock has no value to them. The only reason to take it would be to send a message but it's not worth sacrificing their men. Did Tyrion make this decision because he wanted to obtain what his father wouldn't give him ?

However, I liked that he tried his best – in vain, unfortunately - to prevent Dany from making stupid decisions.


In case you didn't know, Dany has three dragons. But I guess you all know that since she keeps repeating it over and over. We get it Dany, you have dragons. It doesn't mean you're invicible, stop thinking you're above everyone else. 
I don't think she has what it takes to rule. She's childish, impulsive and not diplomatic at all. She has good intentions but that's it. Good intentions don't make you a good ruler. She speaks of breaking the wheel but doesn't realize she's like everybody else who wants the crown.
Let's start with the beginning : Her meeting with Jon made me cringe so much.

She doesn't make any sense. She reminds Jon about the oath his ancestor made to Aegon Targaryen but doesn't point out that her father broke his oath too. He was the Protector of the Realm. He swore to protect his people and instead he tortured and burned them.
An oath is an oath. And perpetuity means... What does perpetuity means, lord Tyrion ?
How can anyone like this girl ?

Okay, she apologizes for her father later but still.
You're not like your father. And I am not beholden to my ancestors' vows.
He uses her own logic against her.
I need your help and you need mine.
Of course, she chose that moment to brag « didn't you see the three dragons ? And the Unsullied ? And the Dothraki ?  » Ugh.
Right now, you and I and Cersei and everyone else... we're children playing a game screaming that the rules aren't fair.
- [To Tyrion] He's refused to call me queen, he's refused to bow and now he's calling me a child.

Jon and Dany
Isn't that a childish response ? He's risking his life to tell you he needs your help to defeat the army of the dead and the only thing you have to say is « he's calling me a child » ?!

You might think « she didn't know the Others and the wights were real. » Okay, fair enough. But is it reason to look down on him ? By that point, she clearly underestimates everyone. She doesn't know that Cersei has made a move against the her yet.

Dany tries to convince him to bend the knee multiple times and that's how we see that she's not thinking as a ruler. Jon doesn't want the iron throne so he's not her ennemy. At best he's her ally, at worst he's one of her people. But as the conqueror she is, she doesn't care about the North if they're not going to help her win her throne.

What also frustrated me is that she's making the same mistakes she made in Meereen when she killed the Tarlys. She doesn't care that they're an old and respected family. She doesn't care about Westeros' culture. She's talking about « breaking the wheel » but doesn't realize that she's not breaking anything. *takes a deep breath* Dany, when your father is known to burn people alive, the last thing you should do is burn people alive.
She told her advisors that they should tell her when she's doing something wrong but when Tyrion tries to explain it she doesn't want to listen.
It was necessary.
I don't know how anyone can think she'd be a great queen.

In the last episode, Tyrion tells Cersei :
She knows herself. She chose an advisor who check her worst impulses instead of feeding them. That's the difference between you.
So basically, he's saying that deep down Dany is exactly like Cersei. The only difference is that Dany wants to be better.

Now let's talk about her relationship with Jon, his nephew, a man she's related to. I don't know why everyone is swooning over them. Okay, they're maybe in love but they don't know each other. Jon doesn't know of Dany's impulses and she doesn't know anything about his past in the Night's Watch. I'm a little confused about something. They slept together but isn't that a dishonorable thing to do since they're not married ? Maybe he'll propose to her in the beginning of the season 8 and Bran will come to the wedding like « Oh Jon, I see you've met your aunt. Who's getting married ? ». 

Even though I don't like Dany, I was so sad when her dragon died. The Night King is scary ! I didn't expect him to kill him with only one hit. I can't wait to see the characters' faces - especially Dany - when they'll see Viserion.

Notable Side Characters

Euron Greyjoy : Is it possible to make him die soon ? He made me cringe so much during this season.

Melisandre : It's funny that the woman who used to burn people alive met the woman who currently does.

Bronn : I loved his conversation with Jaime in the last episode. Very deep.

What did you think of those characters ?

Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.

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  1. I love watching Cersei cause she's SO nasty, and I agree. The looks she was giving to some of the other attendees were amazing. In a way she's a lot like Tywin although maybe not as strategic- he was a master manipulator, but she definitely has his attitude!

    Jaime is so complex- although more in the books. I loved it though that he FINALLY left, and that scene with him riding out while snowflakes fell- awesome scene. And I think you're right about Brienne- the way she lost her temper got through to him. Her opinion matters to him, not many other people's do?

    I'm not a big fan of Dany at this point either, especially as a potential ruler. And the way Jon came to her cabin, she let him in, and the next minute they were in bed- that just felt wrong, IDK. And I'm curious where Melisandre is going to end up - she fascinates me, both in the books and on the show. Euron- ugh. SO not interesting.

    1. Haha you're right. I've read someone says that she's "the type of character you love to hate and you hate to love" and I think it's right.

      That scene was so meaningful. I loved it. I don't think he cares about many people's opinions. That's why I think he'd be great with Brienne.
      They respect each other and I think they both need that. Maybe I'm completely wrong but I think Jaime became awful because no one expected anything from him. They all thought of him as the Kingslayer so he stopped trying to be honorable and good because people's minds wouldn't change. But meeting Brienne was a turning point because she saw the good in him and she knew he was more than he let on.

      I know ! It happened so fast. Oooh me too. I think she has a role to play in the great war.
      You're right, he needs to go. I can't even count how many time I rolled my eyes because of him.