28 oct. 2016

Chicken Challenge Wrap Up !

The Chicken Challenge is over *sobs*. Thank you to everyone who took part in it, it was so much fun to check out all of your posts. You're awesome ! I'm going to miss this but everything has to end eventually.

This month, I've only finished two books. I didn't expect to be so busy. I completely forgot what it was like to have classes and study regularly. But two books isn't that bad... Right ? Quality is better than quantity after all ~

9378297The first book I was supposed to read was The Shining but I needed something fast-paced so I moved on to Anna Dressed in Blood or how I like to call it, my biggest surprise of this year.

The book is about a ghost-hunter who's latest mission is to kill Anna. The only problem is she's much more powerful than he thought and in order to kill her, he needs to know how her story.

I expected something cheesy but I ended up loving it ! I love Cas and Anna and guess what ? It's going to be a movie ! I have to admit I'm very sceptical. But I was sceptical before going into this book so maybe it'll surprise me too. Anyway, I highly recommend it !

Read the full review of Anna Dressed in Blood here

I picked up The Call next. It's about teenagers training their whole lives to survive their Call where they'll be thrown into the Grey Land, hunted by psycho Sidhes. How cool is that ?
It's so so well done. It's nuanced and gripping. Go read it !

Read the full review of The Call here

Hopefully, I'll read more books next month. I'm currently reading The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson and I'm loving it. I didn't think I'd like this book so much but now I'm obsessed. 

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  1. This was such a great challenge thank you for hosting it!

    Haha yes slowly turning you into a Brandon Sanderson fan, mwahahaha :)

    1. Thank YOU for participating !

      Lol I can't stop thinking about it, it's so good *.*

  2. I've read both of these and really enjoyed both! :)

    Thanks again for hosting this great challenge!

    1. Hehe *blushes* I'm the one who should thank you ! Your posts were awesome ~

  3. *runs to read your Anna Dressed in Blood review*