18 juil. 2016

REVIEW : Dragon Dreams by Dusty Lynn Holloway

Dragon Dreams - Dusty Lynn Holloway
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release Date : March 4th 2015
Genres : Fantasy
Pages : 420
Rating : DNF

A prophecy of murder.

An elf hunted by dragons.

One man who risks everything to save her.

Nachal is a human that should not be having prophetic Dragon Dreams. But he does. Every night he dreams of an elf running through flames, trying in vain to outrun the Rebel Dragon Obsidian. Every night he sees her fall. Sees her eyes close. Feels her heart as it slows, and then stops. Every night, through the connection of the dream, he dies with her. It's a spiral that he can't control, and it's slowly driving him insane.

Auri is an elf raised by a powerful human king not of her own blood. Left behind by the mother who perished far from the elven isle El`dell, she seeks to forge her life among the humans. Her journey takes her to the land of her heritage. To a place that holds both a haunting betrayal, and a miracle that just might save her life.

Together, they become embroiled in a conspiracy where destinies are intertwined, love is born in the fallout of ultimate sacrifice, and the only path to victory lies through the searing flames of dragon fire.

 "There was no mercy in Obsidian's war against the Dragons of Light. No leniency. No honor. "

When I started Dragon Dreams, I was immediately gripped. It's not like those fantasy books where you have to wait five chapters to see where the story is going. The beginning is fast-paced and focuses on what is important. Basically, Nachal dreams of an elf in danger. As you'd have guessed, he, of course, will try to save her.

The writing has a middle grade feel. It's simple though sometimes a bit confusing and repetitive. The characters are plain. Like I said it's very middle grade, so it's a good VS evil situation. Don't get me wrong, they are not dull, just ... Good. I especially liked Dhurmick. As soon as I read his descriptions, I knew I was going to like him and he didn't disappoint me.

Another good point is Nachal's sensitivity. It's rare to see a main character crying multiple times in a book and I liked how the author shows that it's okay, even for a badass guy, to cry when things get ugly. There should be more books out there like that.

I also liked the king. He reminded me of Dumbledore. He mentors his son but still keeps some pretty big secrets. But my favourite remain Liran. He has a soothing effect on me. I could easily imagine the calmness and depth of his voice when he talked. And yeah I have a sweet spot for strong elves, not my fault.

Now I know what you're going to think : Why did I DNF it if it was so good ?

Well, first there is the romance. I couldn't deal with the instalove. I don't even know if we can call that instalove since they hadn't technically met when he fell in love but that was way too quick for me. I get that he has dreams about her and that he feels what she feels in those dreams but he doesn't even know the girl ! Yes, she has good intentions but that's not a good enough reason to fall as deeply in love.

Nachal contradicts himself all the time. He wants the dreams to stop but he still wants her and ugh, not for me. Definitely not for me. There was also a love triangle thing going on and it's just not my cup of tea. I found that the romance was not well balanced with the rest and sometimes it was just too much.

The pacing was also an issue for me. The beginning started very fast and it slowed down in the middle. I struggled to keep reading so I just gave up since the story is not complex, I can easily guess the end.

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