9 juil. 2017

My Fictional Family

Hello everyone !

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about how I loved when the family aspect is developped in a book and I thought it would be cool to imagine what my fictional family would be like.
This is what I came up with :


Trevanion - Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta

Trevanion is a calm soldier who's been through a lot. He knows how to listen and he gives pretty good advice so I feel like he'd be an amazing grandpa.

Tricia Chatham - Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Tricia Chatham is the mother of the male interest in Saint Anything. Yes, she isn't old enough to be a grandmother but let's not dwell on details here. She's a great listener and most of the time she doesn't even need to listen to understand things. She just knows somehow. Also, she'd be a great match for Trevanion. She's soft and caring and he's protective and loving. They'd be the kind of love story you wish to have someday.

Desi's father - I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

You may not know this but I'm a fan of K dramas and Desi's father (I don't remember his name. Yes, I forgot my fictional dad's name) is also addicted to them. He's kind and sensitive and doesn't hide the fact that he's a romantic. He's also very supportive and patient but knows when to be strict.

Molly Weasley - Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

This one was obvious. I love how caring Molly is. She's this kind of mother that can drive you insane but you can't help but love her with all your heart. She'd make a funny couple with Desi's father, but hey even a fictional family has to be a little crazy, right ?


♦ Kaz Brekker - Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

At first I thought even considering him to be my fictional brother would be insanity. I mean, he's Kaz Brekker. He's scary. But then I imagined what it would be like to have him in my family and I liked what I imagined. He'd be brooding during family dinners and would threaten some people around me but at the end of the day he'd be here and who knows, maybe he'd even watch some k dramas with our dad (probably not. Okay, definitely not).

Ryan Dean West - Winger by Andrew Smith

I would love to have Ryan as a little brother. He's hilarious and does crazy stuff but it'd be so fun to have him around. Also, can you imagine what his relationship with Kaz would be like ?

Shazi - The Wrath and Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Shazi is sassy and is willing to do anything to protect those she loves. She's sarcastic, funny and she'd be a great addtion to this family. 

Zoe - The Night School serie by C.J Daugherty

She's a genius. She knows lots of stuff and the girl can fight. She's curious about everything and even though she's always a bit too honest, I couldn't help but care for her. She's cute (don't tell her I said that) and she could help with my homework (yes I would ruthlessly ask a 14 yo to help me with my college assignments). How cool is that ?


♦ Jackaby - Jackaby by William Ritter

I said earlier a fictional family had to be a little crazy. Well, with him on board it's becoming a lot crazier but much more fun too. 

Tyrion Lannister - A Song of Ice and Fire by Georges RR Martin

I think we'll definitely need his wisdom. He's smart, witty and most importantly I'd love to see how him and Jackaby get along.

Cameron Lynde - FBI/US Attorney by Julie James

Every family needs a lawyer and she's a shark. She's determined and doesn't let go once she sets her mind. She's also supportive and kind. She'd make a very good aunt.

Manon - The Throne of Glass serie by Sarah J Maas

Don't ask me why but I feel like this family needs her somehow. She's loyal, fierce and would probably scare the hell out of everyone but you know, she's family.


Thorne - The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

This guy made me smile so many times I couldnt imagine a family without him. He's my favorite character of the serie (I still read some of his quotes sometimes). He's awesome. I would go to him to cheer me up or if I need unhelpful - but fun - advice.

Silyun - Gilded Cage by Vic James

Silyun is intriguing. He's mysterious and schemes a lot which makes him fascinating because we don't know what his ultimate goal is. I didn't expect to like him that much and it'd be cool to hang out with him, to know his deepest secrets and to gossip together.

Lou - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I absolutely loved her in Me Before You. She's driven and passionate. She always has good intentions and cares deeply for her family. She's one of the sweetest character I've ever read.

So that was my fictional family. At first I wasn't sure but now I can see it. It'd be pretty fun.

Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.

What is your fictional family ?

8 commentaires:

  1. What a cool idea! This is a tough one but I might go with House Stark from Game of Thrones? Um, when most of them were still alive lol...

    Love your picks!

    1. I considered choosing them but I don't think I would've gotten along with anyone except Jon and Ned. And now I'm realizing I chose to have a Lannister instead of Stark in my family. I don't know how to feel about that haha

      Thank you !

    2. Well Tyrion is a pretty good Lannister if you have to have one, so I don't think he'd be too bad, :)

    3. Oh definitely ! I have to confess... I wanted to include Cersei. I don't know, maybe my brain wasn't functioning properly at that time (it was pretty late). I'm glad I chose Tyrion though haha

  2. This is so cute! I love your picks so much. Molly Weasley is so perfect as a parent (tbh the Weasley's are absolute family goals). What a great post!

    1. YES ! The Weasley's are so caring, it felt so good to read about such a loving family. It warms my heart everytime.

  3. Ha, this is such a cute idea! I sniggered when I saw Kaz Brekker as your brother, but it really makes sense! It would also fill the void that Jordie left in his life (*sobs*). Shazi is such a wonderful choice too! Molly and Arthur both would be my fictional parents. Imagine all the food and the cute-ness.

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

    1. Thank you ! That's exactly what I thought. Kaz is strong and can take care of himself but I always felt protective of him after learning what happened so I had to include him haha