27 oct. 2016

Movie Reaction : The Conjuring 2

So... I've watched The Conjuring 2.

I would lie if I said I was feeling confident. I thought I was going to scream and hold anyone next to me. Well... That's exactly what happened. I knew how the ghost was supposed to look like :

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But when she (he ? it ?) appeared I was like :


The makeup is so well done and its voice, ugh, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. If I were the actress I don't think I could look in a mirror. I'd give myself a heart-attack or something. Hey, now that I think about it, it would be a great prank ! You do a horror makeup on somebody (of course he/she's supposed to think it's a regular makeup) and you give the person a mirror. That's so evil ~

The story follows a family moving in a haunted house (nothing original) and the ghost, not satisfied with staying invisible in its corner, bothers the famlily, especialy the daughter, Janet. Why can't he be nice and live his ghost life away from everyone ? If I were a ghost, I wouldn't stay in an old house ! (I'd stalk my favourite singers and actors *cough*).There are so many things to do as a ghost. You could do anything for free, go anywhere and you could read everything. How cool is that ? But nop, the ghost bothers the nice family, as always. Why is it always a nice family ? Why can't the family be psychopaths or something like that ?
>Anyway, I couldn't stop talking. I was so nervous, I had to calm myself so I kept commenting everything :
"If my kids told me the furnitures are moving, I wouldn't go to their room".
"At this point, I'd run away and leave everyone behind".

"This ghost is so mean, and you [my mom] said people in your time were more polite and respectful".

"No ! It's not enough that he's creepy but he has to mess with the TV, not the TV, never the TV !"

"Actually, it's not that scary I mean it's ju- Aaaaaaaaaaah !"

"Why did I put watching a horror movie in the challenges ?!"

You get the picture. While I was like this :

My mom was like this :


It's not the scariest horror movie I've ever watched but it was good. I expected a bit more though.

Have you watched The Conjuring 2 ? What's your favorite horror movie ?

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