16 oct. 2016

The Mad Reader is Reborn !

Welcome to the new version of The Mad Reader !

For certain reasons, I decided not to use Overblog anymore. It wasn't mobile friendly, I couldn't add drop down menus, there were a lot of things I couldn't personnalize. Changing platforms was a very big step for me but overall, I'm satisfied. 

Starting over was a lot of work. I'm not a patient person so I felt frustrated lots of times. I even thought about stopping everything and go back to Overblog but with the help of my friend Sam and my brother , who'll probably never read this post, I did it. 
So thank you both, I know sometimes I'm very dramatic and I tend to overeact but you're always here and this blog couldn't exist without you.
I still can't believe it. Sometimes I look at my blog and think "oh yeah it's mine." 

Maybe for some of you, it's nothing and I completely understand but for me it's huge ! 

Anyway, I transfered most of the posts on this blog (I still have like 20 ish to transfer) and there are small things I need to take care of but besides that, it's pretty much done.

For those who followed me on Bloglovin' be sure to follow the new account and for those who never followed me, you know what to do ! 

Do you like this new design ? Which blog do you like better ? 

Tell me in the comments !

4 commentaires:

  1. Ah I love it! It looks so put together and great :) I totally get the feeling where you just look at your blog and appreciate it, because I do that all the time LOL

  2. Thank you ! *.*
    I was scared to be the only one lol

  3. Welcome to Blogger! Love the new look, Lys!

    1. Thanks you ! Blogger is so different from Overblog I'm still a bit lost but I'm slowly getting used to it.

      I'm glad you like it, I've done my best :D