21 oct. 2016

What Horror Movies Taught Me

For the "Get Creative" post, you can do anything. It's time for you to come up with an original idea ! I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts ~
I chose to tell you useful things horror movies taught me, let's get started !

1. Try to get out if a killer comes in your house

I never understood why the characters immediately go to their room when they see the killer. I mean, they should get out as soon as possible ! But nop, they always get trapped... *sigh* I try to warned them though.

2. Don't split up

There's power in number, right ?


3. But even if you don't, you're all going to run when the killer comes anyway

I mean, there's one guy against six persons and for some reasons the six run. They could easily take him down !


4. Do not panic

They're always the first ones to die.


5. Stay with the one who panics

Well, he/she's obviously the one who'll die so you're good.







6.Always check your bathroom to see if anyone's in it.

Do I really need to explain this ? I feel like taking a shower is one of the most dangerous things to do in horror movies.


7 You car doesn't like you

It never works when you need it the most ! I'm sure cars made a deal with killers, I don't know but don't trust them.


8. Small towns are the worst 

It's just like in class. Less people means more risks to get caught.

9. Dont try to communicate with spirits

That's creepy ! And scary too...


10. We all have a sadistic side

We are way too happy when the person we don't like dies. Come on, I'm not the only one... Right ?

That's it, I hope you enjoyed this post. 

What have you learned from horror movies ?

7 commentaires:

  1. Lol "Stay with the one that panics" is the funniest piece of advice all day. It reminds me of something my dad says: just be faster than the slowest person and you're fine

  2. "Just be faster than the slowest person and you're fine" haha I love it !

  3. Awesome - I watch quite a bit of horror, and all of these seem to be on par!

    I'll be doing something similar with horror movie logic, but mine will be interactive. :)

  4. Yes- LEAVE THE HOUSE! lol "stay with the one who panics"- that's like the joke about tripping your fellow runners ha ha so you get away. Love it! Those are all true! And splitting up... SMH. Everybody grab a knife and go get that bad boy. But the never do...

    Also when they come in a darkened house or see signs of entry and they're like "Hello? Anybody here?" Um, no. I'm in the next county. But they walk through the house looking around...

  5. I know right !

    Haha I wouldn't go into the building either !