2 nov. 2016

October Favorites | Winter Is Coming !

I feel like I haven't done one of those posts in ages but it's only been a month ! Today I'm bringing you my favorites of the month, TV Shows, songs, movies, you'll know everything !
So without further ado, let's get started ~

I can't start this post without mentioning the weather. It's cold again ! I can wear coats and boots and everything I like ~ I'm amazed to see some girls wearing short dresses/skirts in this weather. I wear warm sweater and jeans and I'm still cold ! The weirdest thing is that I love it. I love crawling beneath my blanket, I love drinking hot tea, I love walking during the night (even if it's a little scary sometimes). I love everything winter related.
Now we can move on to my actual favorites !


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You know, when the first season of IZombie came out I thought I should watch it. And I did but I was busy with other stuff so I stopped watching it. This month, I promised myself to finish the season 1... And I ended up binge-watching the season 2.

 It is so gripping ! I love everyone, good guy, bad guy, creepy guy, I LOVE THEM !
Some of you may be put off by zombies. Don't worry, this was my case too but it's just amazing. I don't think I'd ever watch shows like The Walking Dead but IZombie balances perfectly humor, zombism and action.

I also like how Liv (I find her name very ironic) changes personality depending on the brain she eats. It has a Dollhouse feel and I was a huge fan of this show (until the last season ruins everything). 
Finally if you're still not convinced : Just hearing Ravi's accent it worth watching it.

Also, I really need new shows to watch so give me some recommendations please !


I haven't been listening to a lot of new stuff lately. But there is this one song I listen to almost everyday ~

The movie wasn't great but the songs are super catchy !


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I recently watched The Girl on The Train (in french unfortunately...) and it was pretty good. I think the actors did a great job but there were so many important scenes removed ! 

I know, bookworms always say that, I'm so predictable but it's true though. Also, there are a lot of sexy scenes. Not awkward at all when you're watching it with your mother ~

I was surprised by how slow it was though. The book is pretty fast-paced but I was distracted a lot of times during the movie.

When you're at the movie theater there's always this person who thinks he/she owns the whole building and speaks loudly during the movie. This time wasn't an exception, the guy answered his phone during an important dialogue ! And there's also someone you can hear it when there is a silence... Well this person's usually me.

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I don't do it on purpose ! I'm just so focused on the movie that I forget everything else...

The Chicken Challenge

I hosted The Chicken Challenge this month and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again to everyone who participated. I'm sending you lots of virtual hugs !

What I loved the most about it is reading your posts. Even if I didn't comment every time, I checked out all of them and today I had to share with you these fabulous posts :

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For those who missed some of my posts you can find them on my old blog here and on the new one here. I was too lazy to move all of the posts in this blog... But I'll do it ! ... Eventually.
For the people who haven't posted their Wrap Ups yet, don't worry I'll add them as soon as they're posted.

Anyway, those were my favorites of the month !

What are your favorites ? Have you watched IZombie or The Girl on the Train ? Let me know in the comments !

9 commentaires:

  1. Yes, iZombie is such a good show! I can't wait until season three starts!

    I can see why The Girl on the Train would be awkward to see with a parent! That's too bad about that one guy at the theater though. At mine, there was a couple sitting on the other side of the theater from me who periodically checked the time on their phones - and about blinded everyone in the process.

    Thanks again for hosting The Chicken Challenge! It was so great - maybe we could do it again next year? :)

    1. YES ! I can't wait too, it's just soooo good !

      Exactly ! And I couldn't checked my phone or switched topics haha

      Ugh, I hate when that happens. It'd be great if we could have private boxes ~

      Definitely ! I'm so happy you liked it :D

  2. I haven't watched these but you've definitely convinced me haha! Ahhh I am the same when it comes to books and films, I get overly critical haha xD especially Woman in Black 2 when Susan Hill failed to write it! (Her other novels are good though xD) I love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram - tempting Too Faced Gingerbread giveaway!)

    1. Don't forget to read the book first ! I'm sure IZombie won't disappoint you.

      I've never heard of her :o

      Aaaw thank you !

      I checked out your blog, your photos are gorgeous ! I wish I could take photos like these.

  3. Wait... the zombie's name is Liv...? *imagines nerdy screenwriters giggling to themselves* *sighs* ;)

    1. Clever isn't it ? Haha when I heard it I imagined a guy running towards the other screenwriters like "guys, I have the greatest idea ever !" Lol

    2. 'No, guys, listen! It'll be great!' ;)

  4. Hot tea or coffee are a great way to warm up when the weather gets cool. Plus it's a good excuse. :) And I really want to see The Girl on the Train, although I'm a little nervous if it's slow. I hope it's not TOO slow...

    1. Hot tea is the best ! It's not too slow, it's slow but bearable ~