21 juil. 2017

Book Soundtracks #1

Hello guys !

Have you ever heard a song that reminds you of a book ? It could be because of the lyrics or the tune but the moment you hear it you know that song could be its soundtrack.
Well, today I'm bringing you the songs that, in my opinion, fit perfectly with some books. It also gives me the opportunity to recommend books and songs. Who can say I can't multitask now ? Mwahahaha *coughs*. Anyway, let's go !

Me Before you by Jojo Moyes – All I want by Kodaline

So you brought out the best of me,
A part of me I've never seen.
You took my soul and wiped it clean.
Our love was made for movie screens.

Me Before You broke my heart. I can't even tell you how emotional I was by the end of the book, I didn't expect to be so invested in the story.
Also if you haven't already go watch the movie, it is absolutely amazing.

 Finnikin of the Rock by – I'm Here by Kim Kyung Hee

And I’m here just, just like
I used to be [..]

When you feel so lonely,
I’ll be here, here for you [..]

And I’m here home home,
With you,

This song is magic. I was listening to it while reading Finnikin of the Rock and oh my gosh the feelings. That book twisted my heart, broke it and slowly put the pieces back together before twisting it again. I was not ready for this, at all.

You by Caroline Kepnes – Serial Killer by Lana Del Rey

I know that what I do isn't right,
I can't stop what I
Love to do. [..]

Baby, I'm a sociopath,
Sweet serial killer.
On the warpath,
'Cause I love you
Just a little too much. 


Okay, this book is creepy Just thinking about it … *shivers* but at the same time it was fascinating. It's one of those books that stays with you long after you've read it. Joe is twisted and sick and for that reason he makes such an interesting and unique MC. 

The Silence of Six by E.C Myers – Wake Me Up by B.A.P

This is an endless tunnel
In darkness with no light [..]

I need to jump over my limit [..]

Putting back together
The messy puzzle pieces in this game [..]

Right now, I’m giving it my all
Looking for the hidden truth 

Of course there was going to be some K-Pop in this post. I discovered this song recently and it immediately made me think of The Silence of Six. This book gripped me from the start, entertained me then left me a bitter taste in my mouth in the end not because it wasn't good but because it was so realistic. Now that I think about it, it's exactly what I feel after watching an episode of  Black Mirror. I think if you like the show, you're likely to like this book.
I'm only going to say this : Hackers. Conspiracy. Murders. What's not to like ?

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons

I was born to run, I was born for this [..]

Whatever it takes
Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins
I do whatever it takes
Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains [..]

I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see
I'm just a product of the system, a catastrophe
And yet a masterpiece, and yet I'm half-diseased
And when I am deceased
At least I go down to the grave and die happily 

I'm sure you've all heard about Six of Crows by now. I wasn't sure about this song at first but the more I listened to it the more I could see how well they fit together. Also, I needed an excuse to put a song from their new album.

What do you think of those picks ? Do you know a song that strongly reminds you of a book ?

Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.

6 commentaires:

  1. I've definitely had that where a certain song goes so well with a book, or even when I listen to certain music while reading and then later when I hear that song it immediately reminds me of the book. And the Imagine dragons song just reminds me how bad I need to read Six of Crows!

    1. Wait a minute... You haven't read Six of Crows yet ?! *pushes you toward the book* go read it !

    2. I know! I need to get on that... :)

    3. I was this close to pull out the shame bell lol

  2. I love finding songs that match perfectly with books and enhance the emotions in them! Also, you've made finnikin of the rock sound amazing!

    1. Music and books is the best combination !
      Hehe thank you, I love this song so much and this book... I don't even know where to start.